These are Judaic designs that I have digitized, showing the lighter side or a humorous touch to designs that we normally would see. I'll be showing these differently than the rest of my sight. Only a few will be for sale as is. The rest will be the actual stitchout, so that you may see what the finished product looks like. Then you can contact me to have them sewn on whatever you like --- towels, napkins, totes, Tallit bags, wallhangings, even on an insulated cooler, etc. I will add pictures as soon as they are completed. There will be designs for many holidays-to include Purim and Sukkot, Shabbat, Bar Mitzvahs, Tefillin, the 12 Tribes, and many more. So check back often. Please email me with any comments or suggestions or designs you would like to see.
Shabbat Greetings-This Challah Cover is
100% cotton w/fringes. 19" x 19" $25.00
The Judaic Violinist
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