These portfolios are hand-crafted of 100% high quality cotton, fused to Timtex and have satin stitched edges. The inside lining is a coordinating fabric. On the right is a pocket to hold a legal pad. On the left is a smaller pocket to keep loose papers and notes. On the outside of this pocket is sewn a clear vinyl pocket to hold a business card or ID. In the middle is a sewn-in fabric ring to hold a pen. Measurements closed: 10"W x 13"H x 1/2"D; open: 20"W x 13"H. Portfolio comes with legal pad, pen, and ID card that reads: This Portfolio Belongs to. Decorative trims on pads are optional. Special orders taken for your choice of fabric design and for covers to be monogrammed or decorated with embroidery design. This cannot be done on an already completed item. There is an additional fee for special orders. The Judaic portfolios shown on this site are $40.00, unless otherwise noted.
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